Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Winner takes it all*

Nothing hurts so much as being so close. Nothing can compare to the felling of having it right there in front of us and not being able to grasp it. Never second place felt so wrong. They won’t get it, the feeling of lost when you’ve come such a long way and defeated so many obstacles along the way. It may be perceived as weakness but it’s just passion. It may seem cockiness but truly it’s ambition. Yes, some other time this could have felt enough but not today. Not when you were so close, not when you had it right there and it just slipped between your fingers, not when you feel that you could have had it, not when you could already taste it.
It hurts. The effort, the excitement, the hope… all vanish. In less than 15 seconds you go from the highest level of delight to the lowest of disappointments. The tears are real. The pain is real. It’s inexplicable, most likely unreasonable but definitely real. No matter what anyone else tells you. No matter how you try to rationalize it and convince yourself. No matter if your head recognizes that even if you didn’t win you’ve still done so great your heart will be crushed.
 And people won’t get it. No, if you’ve never been there. If you’ve never felt this strongly about something you’ll never get it. It may seem shallow, silly even but if you’ve been there you’ve know it’s real. You fell physically sick. Those butterflies in your stomach are now gone and all you fell is a big whole inside your heart. Support may feel good but it won’t help. You just have to suck it up. You’ll have to mourn. You’ll need time to painfully go over every tiny second of it. You’ll need time to blame yourself for what went wrong, to hate yourself for what you haven’t done. You’ll struggle, you’ll fight to take it out of your head and eventually you’ll be able to settle. Eventually you’ll come to terms with it. The pain will start to fade and you’ll be able to see it’s not the end of the world. Hopefully you’ll learn from it, you’ll grow up, it will make you stronger and tougher. There’s no point in everybody else try to push you to overcome it, to force you to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You have to do it when you’re ready. You’ll get there. At your own pace. No need to rush it.

* Tittle by Abba

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Inspiration is everywhere. In the music I can't get out of my head. In the people that cross me in the streets. It’s in every show I watch, in every character I meet. Inspiration it’s here and there. It haunts me and yet I can't seem to find it when I’m craving it. Inspired about what I don’t want to think about. Inspired about what I can’t help to see in  my dreams. Inspiration. Streams of thoughts running through my mind. Frantically trying to find its way out. Desperately trying to make sense.  Letters, words, sounds, feelings. My mind running 200 miles/hour. My hand working hard, unsuccessfully trying to keep up to the rhythm of my thoughts. My brain exhausted, wondering if it will ever going to stop, or at least slow down. The ambiguous feeling of wanting some rest and wishing it never comes.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Let me be

“I’ve just spoke to your teacher.”
“What did she say?” – Laura asked.
“She said that you’re doing great.”
“I am” – Laura agreed.
“She told me you’ve picked up in school, that you’re grades are great” – Lilly said.
Laura nodded with a smile.
“She said that you’ve seem to have overcome what happened very naturally, that you seem peaceful and calm.” – Lilly continued.
“See sis? I told you I was okay.”
“Yeah, you did” – Lilly concurred – “She also told me that you’ve reach out to Sam…” - she added.
“Well” – Laura gasped - “I will, I didn’t have to time yet but…”
“And that you’ve joined a new team…” – Lilly continued.
“I…” – Laura sighted caught in her own lies, not knowing what to say.
“Look, I don't mind that you lie to your teacher. I don’t care that you lie to everybody, and try to convince them you're okay.” – Lilly told her.
“But I am!” – Laura promised.
“You’ve completed every homework you had until the end of the year. You’ve read every book and watched every movie we had available at home. You’ve already cleaned the apartment twice this week and not once you’ve ask help to do it. You’ve been to every one of my dance classes and did not miss one party or gathering this month.” – Lilly listed.
“So, I’ve organized myself. I’m a good sister and I like to hang out with my friends. Why are you making it sound like a bad thing?”
“You’ve been overworking, overstudying, overhelping, overpartying…” – Lilly stated
“Listen, I’m not here to lecture you.” – Lilly guaranteed – “I just want you to promise me something.” – she added.
Laura waited for her to continue.
“You may go weeks, months even, believing that you're fine, deceiving yourself. You'll start to believe that is all good, that you've regain control. And then you'll have a bad day...” – Lilly said.
Laura was about to deny it when Lilly concluded – “Just let me know when you do.”
“I will.” – Laura promised, happy that for once someone was not trying to force her to be okay – “I will.”

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Switching up

Hello lovies,

Let’s switch things up a little bit today.
So, you know how some of you have told me that you come here regularly even if you’re quiet and don’t comment? Well it’s time to step up because I need a little favor from you.
There’s this little challenge I’m considering taking and I’d like your input about it… It’s pretty simple, basically all I’d like to ask you is: when you read the sentence "Feel special - being special" what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Don’t overthink, don’t need to elaborate. I’m just looking for some genuine ideas, and feelings.
If you're shy and you don’t want to share your thoughts publicly just send me a Private Message on Facebook or leave an anonymous comment, but please help me out, I know you’re all a bunch of inspired people!

Thank you y’all

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What’s on your mind?

What’s on your mind are you aware,
Of every thought you ever had?
What’s on your mind, can you explain?
The oddest things it’s so arcane…
What’s on your mind can you push away,
Those words you wish they never said?
What’s on your mind, is that so hard,
To find a reason beyond all that?
What’s on your mind can you acknowledge
Forget the fears and just be honest?
What’s on your mind it should be so easy
To figure out what is inside.

What’s on my mind?
A bunch of thoughts. Lose ideas and crazy feelings.
What’s on my mind? My most truthful feature the only one I cannot filter. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Special Moments

Special moments are not those you plan in advance but the ones that happen inadvertently. There’s nothing better than a relax chitchat with the girls, some laughs over dinner with some friends, making fun of yourself with your co-workers.
Plans are overrated. And because you raised expectations it’s often that you’re disappointed. Best things in life happen when you’re not expecting them. It’s the small things rather than the big events that make your day.
Is that cute “good morning” text message, that smile from someone you’re passing on the street, that kiss from the kids, that hug from someone special, that uncontrollable laugh when you’re remembering silly stuff from the past…
We’re unsatisfied by nature, we want more and more. We’re always looking for happiness. But we often forget that these glimpses of happiness are the best we can get.
I love it when I’m doing something trivial and I sudden realize how happy I’m actually are at that moment. That’s the beauty of life, that’s what makes everything interesting, the fact that you cannot predict what’s going to happen or how you’ll feel about it.
There will be days you feel like crap. Weeks when you’ll doubt if anything will ever make you smile again. But at its own pace these little events will make you shine again.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Operation let’s build a house/Operação fazer uma casa

(Nota: For the english version please scroll down)

Operação fazer uma casa

Olá gente,
Este é mesmo muito importante que lessem... pleeeeeease. =) Beijos, Fi

Como muitos de vocês sabem regressei recentemente de uma viagem a Moçambique, onde fui visitar o meu pai.
Durante a minha estadia lá tive a oportunidade não so de visitar sitios fantásticos e disfrutar das mais belas vistas como também de conhecer alguns habitantes locais. Entre eles conheci a família da Júlia.
A Júlia começou a construir a sua casa há 7 anos, contudo, a morte do marido e salário de cerca de 100€/mês tornam terminar esta obra um trabalho impossível para esta  mãe solteira de 37 anos com três filhos (Noélia 13, Boavida, 11 e Cátia 9 anos).
O meu pai e o seu sócio concordaram já em pedir orçamentos e tencionam ajudá-la a rebocar a casa (que para quem como eu não está familiriarizado com estes termos basicamente significa terminar o isolamento das paredes) e colocar janelas para pelo menos manter a chuva e o frio do lado de fora, contudo, há ainda muito a fazer. As condições da pequena habitação são escassas sendo que de momento não possui sequer casa de banho ou cozinha.
Depois de conhecermos esta fantástica familia e o local onde vivem, eu e a minha mãe pensámos que entre familiares e amigos talvez pudessemos ajudá-los a terminar a sua casa.
Sei que há imensas familias em situações semelhantes e que infelizmente jamais seremos capazes de ajudá-las a todas, mas porque não começar por onde conseguimos chegar?
Também sei que em tempos de crise todos nós estamos apertados e a falta de dinheiro é geral, mas quando somos confrontados com estas realidades tão piores que as nossas por vezes chegamos à conclusão que se calhar ainda conseguimos fazer mais um esforço para ajudar alguém que precisa mais.
Talvez nem todos possam contribui ou ate já contribuam para outras causas, mas se estiverem interessados e puderem ajudar seria muito importante!
O que estamos a fazer de momento é juntar os contributos numa conta bancária portuguesa que criámos especificamente para este efeito, para evitar os custos das transações e da próxima vez que o meu pai vier a Portugal, consoante o valor recolhido ou ele leva o dinheiro ou faremos então uma só transferência para o banco de lá.

Banco: Montepio Geral
NIB: 0036 0001 991 00068244 49

Falem com pais, filhos, familiares, amigos e todos aqueles que vocês acharem que podem contribuir, tudo será bem vindo, independentemente do valor. Se por acaso alguém não tiver conta e quiser contribuir contactem-me.
De momento não tenho ainda informação dos orçamentos pedidos, mas quando me forem enviados posso partilhar com quem estiver interessado.

Para mais informações ou esclarecimento de dúvidas deixem um comentário em baixo ou enviem-me um mail para

Novidades 14.Fevereiro: Com €200 fizemos a instalação eléctrica em toda a casa. Próximo passo é a colocação da janelas. Ainda não recolhemos dinheiro suficiente para  tudo por isso continuem a partilhar e ajudar.

Novidades 9.Março: Com mais 400€ podemos pagar a colocação das janelas. As obras começam amanhã e vou tentar conseguir fotografias para partilhar quando tivermos os resultados finais. Ainda há muito a fazer. Continuem a divulgar e partilhar.

Novidades 22 Julho: Até agora untámos um total de 1120€! Nada mal! Electricidade e janelas já temos agora falta o resto e todas as ajudas são bem vindas :) 


Operation let’s build a house

This is a really important one, so pleeeeeeease, take a few minutes to read it. =) Thanks, Fi

As most of you know I just came back from a trip to Mozambique where I went to visit my dad.
While there I had the chance not only to visit the most amazing places and enjoy some lovely views, but also to meet some local people. Among them I met Julia’s family.
Julia started to build her house 7 years ago. However, her husband’s death and the $127/month income make it impossible for this single mom of three to finish her house. Julia’s children are now 13, Noélia, 11, Boavida and 9, Cátia.
 My dad and his partner have already agreed to request some budgets and intend to help her finish the walls and put up the windows to at least keep the rain and cold outside. Still there’s so much more to do… the small house has little conditions and at the moment doesn’t even have a bathroom or a kitchen.
After meeting this amazing family and the place where they live, my mother and I started to think that between family and friends maybe we could find a way to help them finish their home.
I’m aware that there are a lot of families in this situation and that unfortunately we will never be able to reach them all. But why not start with the ones that we can reach?
I also know that these are not the easiest times and that everybody is suffering from lack of money. But I figure that when confronted with realities so worse than ours sometimes we find out that we are still able to make one more effort to help someone that needs more than ourselves.
Maybe not all of you will be able to help. Or maybe some of you already help different causes, but if you’re interested, able and willing to help that would mean a lot!
What we’re doing at the moment is gathering the money in a Portuguese account (since most of our friends live in Portugal) that we created specifically for this, so we can avoid the transactions costs. I would open an account in each of your countries if I could, but of course that’s not possible still I hope that doesn’t discourage you to help. If you have any other ideas on how you could send your contribute please suggest away.

Bank: Montepio Geral
IBAN: PT50 0036 0001 991 00068244 49

Next time my dad comes to Portugal, according to the amount of collected money he will either take the cash with him or we will transfer it to an account in Mozambique paying the transaction costs only once. Update! We've created a Paypal account, this should make things easier and less expensive. You'll find the Paypal button on this blog, on the top left side. 
Talk to your parents, kids, friends, relatives and everybody that you believe can help. Every donation will be welcomed, no matter how big or small.
At the moment I still don’t have the information about the budgets  requested. But once they are sent to me I can share them with however is interested.
For questions or more informations please leave a comment below or email me at

UPDATE: 14.February - With €200 we've concluded the electrical installation in the entire house. Next step, put up some windows. We still don't have enough money for the whole thing, so please continue sharing and helping.

UPDATE 9.March - With 400€ we were able to pay the guys to put up the windows on the house. It will be done during the next week or two. I'll try to get pictures to show you the final results. There's still a lot to do, so keep helping and sharing. What we do matters, despite how little it may seem.

Update July 22nd: Until today we've managed to raise 1120€! Not too bad. We got them electricity and windows but there's still a lot to do, so please keep helping and spreading the message around :)


Monday, January 16, 2012

Does size matter?

How can something so little cause so much damage?
I mentioned in my last post I wasn’t doing too well… they finally figured out what was causing my pain and apparently was this tiny tiny little stone that was installed on my kidneys. I was relief to be feeling better but at the same time I was astonished that something so little could be responsible for all the pain I was feeling. And that got me thinking…
We like to think huge, to be big, we keep on believing that we have to be giant to make a difference. But we’re so wrong.
A tiny little rock on an engine, a micro virus inside a body, a drop of acid in the wrong place… there are so many ways things can go wrong not because something massive happened, but because the smallest detail didn’t went according to our plans.
Little things are underrated in pretty much everything we do.
We can’t change the world but we can change what’s around us. And maybe by doing that will end up inspiring someone else to do it too and that’s how we’ll make a difference. We don’t have to do it all on our own. We just have to find a starting point, something that we feel passionate about, and then find little things we can do to improve it. Don’t thing too big, don’t aim too far. You’ll desperate, you’ll feel frustrated. Start small, let it flow, and see where it takes you.  We can’t be afraid to fail. We are in a privilege situation, some people deserve that we at least give it a try. We have to believe the people around us. Believe that we’ll be surprised, that we’re not alone and that they’ll help us making a difference.

A new project it's on its way and will be coming very very soon. I hope I can count with everybody’s help, I’ll really need it for this one. I’ll keep you posted ;) keep coming back.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Pains swipes down. No matter how in control you usually are. How independent. How self-sufficient. When you’re in crawling in pain you’ll beg for someone to come and take it away.
Those are the moments I envy people who have faith. Who can pray to someone or something and believe it’s going to help them… I don’t have that, so with a needle in my arm and screeching in pain I found myself talking to a bottle of medicine begging it to please work, to please make its magic. Quite insane I’m aware.
But I’m too rational, even in the craziest scenarios I am, I can’t help it. So while I was in crying in pain I was telling to myself “shake it off, I’m sure there are pains so much stronger than that!”. Which it’s true, but at the same time at that point I didn’t really care, I just wanted it to stop.
These are also the moments I regret to have lost the innocence of a child. It’s so much easier when you’re a kid, and your mom tells you you’re going to be fine, and you believe her. Because she knows best, after all she’s a mom. But then you grow up and you’re aware that no matter how magical and grand parents may seem they don’t do miracles. Now, you’re aware that even if they’re giving you something for the pain it’s not going to work right away, you still have to wait until it actually gets to your system. And again, I’m good at being rational. So, if someone tells me “You’re going to be in excruciating time, but after 40 minutes the drugs will kick in and you’ll feel better” I can hold it together. I can process it in my mind and endure the pain, because I know it’s going to stop in 40 minutes. It’s the not knowing that desperate me. So when I’m holding it together for 40 minutes and then nothing changes… then I start losing it.
And it’s crazy because I was hurting before, a non-related pain. And I felt like crap. But then this came and all I could think was “please I prefer the other one, just take this one, and give me back the previous pain”. It’s so silly… because you feel powerless. I’m not usually that sensible. I rarely cry and I think I can tolerate pain quite well but damn… sometimes you just feel like a baby. Forget about keeping it together and be strong… you just want to cry and have someone fix it.
Good lesson I’ve learned from this experience? Maybe I’ll want to give birth someday. Allow me to explain: though I’m sure being a parent must be the most incredible experience in the world, delivering a baby was never very appealing to me… but according to the nurse that saw me yesterday, a lot of women have claimed that they prefer the pain of delivering a baby than to experience the pain I was suffering… so you see, you always take something from every experience ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mean or just sad?

Some people are just mean... I hate to say this but I was listening to this guy yesterday and I couldn’t help but think that.
Some people appear to be only happy when they’re criticizing or complaining about something or someone.
He wasn’t talking at me, I don’t even think we realized I was listening to him but no matter how I tried I couldn’t ignore his comments.
I’m not writing specifically about him. It was just a trigger. I’ve been thinking about writing about this for a while but I just wasn’t sure if it was worth it. The truth is that unfortunately this guy is not the only one… There are a lot of people just like him.
I get that people have different tempers, different personalities and that you cannot like everybody, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be so unpleasant. I hear comments sometimes and I wonder how people can think that it’s okay to say those things. It’s impossible they don’t realize it’s hurtful, isn’t it? So… do they just don’t care?
There are people I don’t like too. Some with reason, some I just can’t explain. But I get that they are still people, that they have feelings and that it’s not right to hurt them just because we don’t like them. Because it doesn’t make me feel better in any way. Even if I don’t care about someone I’m not happier if they’re down… that’s a concept I don’t get.
I used to get really mad about this people. I would. Because sometimes you see people that are so good being target of all this hate for no apparent reason. But now I just feel sorry for them because I came to the conclusion that you have to be really sad… You have to be really sad, and lonely and insecure to feel the urge to push everybody down. So I feel sorry that that’s the only way these people can enjoy their life.
They may win some battles… They can push people down and be on the top for a while but in a long run they won’t make it. They won’t , because it will never be enough.
The people they target will get stronger, because they have friends to back them up. They have people who truly care about them. And they, the ones who are full of hate and envy, will always be in that vicious circle, looking for someone else to bully or bullying just everyone. They’ll crave for true happiness but they won’t find it, not before they realize that they have to focus on themselves rather than on everybody else. Not before they understand that when you’re really superior or better in anything you don’t feel the need to crash nobody to rise to the top, it will happen naturally.

Monday, January 09, 2012

A (big) small change

When I first started publishing I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do it. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sharing my thoughts. It was too literal, too personal. At that time only a couple people knew about the blog and wouldn’t even sign with my real name. I don’t think I even wanted people to read my stuff. Or at least not people I knew. I even abandoned the blog  for a few years, because I figured that was no point in carry it on if it didn’t feel right.
Then one day, for no reason I just felt the urge to bring this back to life. I still wasn’t quite sure if it was just a momentary thing but I went along and did it anyway. I started to write again, to publish and not only that but to actually share the blog with people I knew.
The feedback has been pretty positive… I keep getting comments from people I would never imagine would enjoy or even read what I write. “Inspiring words”, a friend told me the other day. Someone that I had absolutely no idea that used to visit this blog but that apparently was a frequent visitor (btw shout out to C.P).
I’ve learn that it’s not such a big deal. I still have all the control. If it’s too personal then I won’t publish it. I’ll share only the thoughts I feel comfortable sharing. I also learned that you can’t take yourself too serious. Well… I’m still working on that one, but I’m trying… I over-analyze every single aspect in my life so in here I don’t want it to be perfect. I don’t need it to be perfect. So I try my best to publish my writing as raw as possible. I want it to be genuine, as close as possible to what I think.
The reason I’m telling you all that is because today I was thinking and I realize that it doesn’t make sense I sign my posts as “Kathleen” anymore. The ones who know me already know I’m the author anyways, and for the ones who don’t it doesn’t really matter. So just so you know, for now on I’ll be posting with my real name.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

"Where is he?" – he asked watching her arriving alone.
"He is not coming back" – she replied.
"Are you okay?" – he inquired worried.
"I’m fine" – she said appreciating his concerns but not wanting to go deeper into it.
"It doesn’t bother you that he’s staying?" – he insisted.
"No" – she sighed - "I desperately needed a breather. It just wasn’t working anymore. It was becoming unbearable."
"You don’t really mean that."
"The sad thing is that I do…" - she confessed looking down.
"So, you won’t miss him?..."
The last thing she wanted to do was talking about it, but he wasn’t about to let it go, so she explained - "I will, I already do. But I was missing him already when he was still here [silence] He’s just not the same anymore. Sometimes you just have to face it and let it go. This may be a good thing. Maybe he’ll find himself, turn his life around" – she added not even convincing herself.
"Do you believe that?" – he asked realizing that.
"It doesn’t matter what I believe…"
"So… you don’t?" – he insisted.
"Everyday I hope to be wrong" – she admitted.
"And if you’re not…?"
"This could end so bad… or worst, it may never end at all" – she said, finally confessing her biggest fear.
"Isn’t there anything we can do?"
[silence] "I ran out of ideas" – she finally said, though failure was hard to admit.
"So what? We just sit here and wait?" – he asked desperately wanting to help her.
"I guess."
"I hate that."
"At this point I don’t think we have a choice."
"But, why? I don’t get it!"
"Trust me babe, I really wish I had the answer to that one."

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


As the time went by…

  • Spice Girls taught me that I “Gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear”

  • Britney Spears taught me that People can take everything away from [me] but they can never take away [my] truth”

  • Anastacia taught me that “Time keeps running away no matter what's left behind it keeps on moving”

  • The Corrs taught me that “Love breaks and love divides, Love laughs and love can make [me] cry”

  • Xutos & Pontapés taught me that “O que foi nao volta a ser mesmo que muito se queira”

  • Girls Aloud taught me “If you love somebody don’t ask why”

  • Stephen Schwartz taught me that “getting [my] dreams it's (…) complicated [because] there's a kind of a sort of… cost”

  • James Morrison & Nelly Furtado taught me that sometimes “forgive (…) it’s not enough to make it all okay”

  • Bethany Joy Len taught me that “If I cry a little, and die a little at least I know I lived…”

  • Idina Menzel taught me that “If this is the moment I stand here on my own (…) I might be afraid but it's my turn to be brave”

  • Jonathan Larson taught me that “There’s only us, there’s only this forget regret, or life is yours to miss”

  • Nicole Scherzinger taught me that I’ll “make it there to the place where reality and dreams, and love will be together”

  • R.E.M taught me not to let myself “go because everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes”

  • Queen taught me that “The Show must go on” and that “It's not easy (…) but [we’ve] got friends [we] can trust”

  • Eminem taught me that “You only get one shot (…) opportunity comes once in a lifetime” 

  • Charles Chaplin taught me to “Smile through [my] pain and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow [I’ll] see the sun come shining through”

  • Linkin Park taught me that “Time is a valuable thing”

  • Mariah Carey taught me that “There's a hero if [I] look inside [my] heart”

  • Journey taught me “Don’t stop believing”

  • Alexandra Burke taught me that I shouldn’t “Let the silence do the talking”

  • Tim Rice taught me that “Nothing is so good it lasts eternally” and to “Never make a promise or plan [and] take a little love when [I] can”

  • Madonna taught me that “Life is a mystery”

  • Bono taught me that “We get to carry each other”

  • Glee taught me that “I just have to stay and face my mistakes”

  • Cheryl Cole taught me that “Knowing too much can get [me] hurt”, Not to “believe the things [I] tell [myself] so late night [cause I’m my] own worst enemy and [I'll] never win the fight” and that “everything that’s worth have it is sure enough worth fighting for, quitting is out of the question, when it gets tough [I] gotta fight some more”

So basically…. Music just taught me how to live my life. 

Is it?

Is it still racism when you tend to like someone just because of their origin? If it is then I’m guilty of it… ‘cause gosh how I love African people (or African descendants)!
Nelsito - Mozambique 2011
I’ve always had this thing for black people. Can’t explain when it started or why it happens but truth is they just allure me. My friend, whose family is from Cape Verde, always says that I was born the wrong color. She claims that no matter how pale my skin is on the outside, on the inside I am as black as she is.
Obviously I know we can’t generalize but I’m telling you. You’ll introduce to someone black and 90% chances are that I’m going to like them.
It’s funny because when I look around me I realize that some of the most important people in my life have some fort of African blood in their veins. So now I wonder… Do I love them because their black? Or did I learn to love black people because the ones that I have in my life have always been so special?
Anyways… They are absolutely gorgeous. The women are stunning. Even without make up or fancy dresses they still manage to look great. The man have some nice features and are quite charming as well. And the children…. Cute, cute, cute (even more than all the others that are already utterly cute)! Yes I’m bias, but still… I just want to bring them all home!
I’m telling you, being in Africa at the moment is constant temptation. 

Monday, January 02, 2012

Pure beauty

Mozambique 2011

Mozambique 2012

The beauty around us almost makes us forget everything that goes around in this crazy world. Worries, madness, stress, all of it is put aside when you’re surrounded by the overwhelming beauty of Nature. 
Man has come a long way. Learned to build amazing infrastructures and develop incredible technologies but he is still unable to beat Nature.
The shapes, the colors, the simplicity. Pure perfection. We try to capture it with photos and videos but no matter how great they are they are never good enough.
The simple pleasures of life. When a breath taking view is all you need to make your day.  We should all have a little bit of this pureness in our everyday life. It makes you lighter, calmer… happier. It’s not always on your face, it’s not always that easy to find but beauty is everywhere. So let’s take a moment to learn to find it. To enjoy what we have… for free.

Mozambique 2011