Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moving on... and out

Strange, this need to move when I hate change, how being too long in the same place bothers me when all ever wanted was stability. But there’s a difference between being sill and being stale, just like there’s is a difference between searching for something and just wanting to look for what else is out there.

They say that "Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable”* and maybe that’s what keeps me moving, maybe that’s why I keep trying to find a place where I can make a difference, even if I know that the location doesn’t really matter, that you can touch people’s lives anywhere you go.

New places scare me, new people terrify me, but there’s nothing I fear most than to watch the years go by and see that I haven’t done something that really mattered. 

*Shakespeare Quoted by Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner In  Criminal Minds S01E06

Thursday, January 09, 2014

O segredo é a própria infância/The secret is childhood itself

Note: English version below!

O segredo é a própria infância

Cada um de nós vive a sua infância com maior ou menor emoção, com ternura ou decepção lamentativa.

Cada um de nós tem uma motivação particular para se interessar pelas crianças.

Cada um de nós adere, de acordo com as vivências do passado, a uma ideologia colectiva de interesses pela pessoa e pela personagem da criança.

Os adultos podem desprezar, detestar, amar ou venerar a criança, mas a nenhum adulto a criança pode ser indiferente. Não e pode ser indiferente nem à própria infância nem à infância dos outros.

Cada um de nós vive a sua própria experiência infantil.

Cada um de nós aprende a guardar para si certas emoções, decepções, humilhações.

Cada pessoa guarda um segredo.

O segredo do homem é a própria infância.

Fonte: Ensaios sobre a educação II – O Falar de Letras, Horizonte, Biblioteca do Educador, p.312, 1991. João dos Santos

The secret is childhood itself

Each of us lives their childhood with more or less excitement, with tenderness or disappointment.

Each of us has a particular motivation to be interested in children.

Each of us defines, according to the experiences of the past, the collective ideology of interests for the person and the character of the child.

Adults can despise, hate, love or worship children, but no adult can be indifferent to a child. No-one can be indifferent to his own childhood or the childhood of others.

Each of us lives with our own childhood experience.

Each of us learns to keep to ourselves certain emotions, disappointments, humiliations.

Each person keeps a secret.

The secret of the Man is his own childhood.

Source: Fonte: Ensaios sobre a educação II – O Falar de Letras, Horizonte, Biblioteca do Educador, p.312, 1991. João dos Santos