Friday, December 30, 2011

We have it sooooo easy.

Mozambique 2011
Boy every once in a while we need a good wake up call. Not that we don’t know what’s happening in the rest of the world but it’s easy to pass it all to second plan when we have our everyday worries. How can it be? How can we all live under so different circumstances? How is that fair?
You see it everyday… in the news, in the papers, but being here, in loco, it’s when you really see it. When you really get how lucky you are and how much you have. Those little things that you take for granted…
These people make it with so little… and they don’t complain. They work hard, they do what they have to do. What I like the most is that they look happy. They are extremely gentle, polite and very sweet. The moms are incredible tender with the kids, no matter how many or how old they are. I also like how some things don’t change. The kids still love to play and ask for computers when you question them what they’d like for Christmas. The teenage girls still fight for the pretty pink short shots and cute tank tops. The moms still ask for a minute so they can put themselves together and look nice for the picture.
Mozambique 2011
Then of course there’s the rest… When you see that you don’t need a mansion, just a house that doesn’t leak or rain in. That you don’t need a spa, just a bathroom with an actual toilet and shower. That you don’t need a chef, just a kitchen with a stove and some food. And when you remember that you used to complain about your pay check and you know now a widow mother of 3 living with 75€/month… Or when you see how much of a difference €10 could make in the monthly budget of these families… It’s hard. We really need to put it into perspective.
Mozambique 2011
This is not meant to make you feel guilty (even though I have to confess I do), it is the way it is and you can’t feel guilty for what you have, you just have to try to find ways to help the people with more needs. Ways to give back.
There’s so much we can learn from them. How to be grateful, how to enjoy life no matter what.
We will get lost in our problems. No matter how insignificant they may seem against world poverty. And that’s all right, because the truth is that’s our reality and that’s what affect us directly. I just want to try to make sure that I don’t forget this other world. I know that even though we wish we could save them all, we can’t. So I just want to make sure that I stay focus so that I’m able to do my part too.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Friendship has no age

Hey peeps, sorry I've been MIA, too much to do in little time. Anyway, I'm back and I see that we've passed now the 2000 visits, so Thank You! =)

Friendship has no age, no logic, no reason. You assume someone is too immature because they’re young. You assume someone is boring just because they’re old. But you might be surprised.
Friendship is defined by tastes, values, principles, ideologies, likes and dislikes and a whole lot of other things but age is definitely not one of them. Because no matter how old (or young) a person is they’ll always bring something into your life, something you can learn.
We often underestimate the young, but there is so much they can teach us if we just give them a chance. You watch them struggle like you struggled, you see them falling, like you fell. You see them making the very same mistakes you’ve done too… the difference is, they’ll do them their way. If you let it, you’ll be inspired by the way they are able to cope with what you were not. You’ll try to be for them that refuge you always missed when you were their age and felt so lonely and misunderstood. You’ll be protective and proud and forgive them if they slip, like a true friend does.
Friendship is a funny thing. It is not a thing of reason, it’s about that “click”, that feeling, something that allures you to the other person. You’ll find yourself attached to the most unlikely people, and that’s what makes it so special… the fact that on-one can explain it.
Your role in a friendship may differ according to the age difference between you and the other person, but that happens with everything. Different people will need and will give you different things.
Friendship has no age limit and having friends from a wide age ranges gives your life an interesting twist. It allows you to see the world from different points of view. It allows you to go back to your childhood and teenage years’ dilemmas and analyze them in a more mature way. It gives you the opportunity to get a glimpse of what you troubles will look like in a few years.  You’ll have a bit of that childish genuinely that you miss so much, without losing the experience and wisdom you hope someday  you’ll reach.
Friendship is a good thing, a great thing, and to me it doesn’t matter how much younger or older I am than the other person as long as I find something that they can bring into my life and that there’s (hopefully) something special I can take into theirs.

P.S – I was writing this and  two people crossed my mind as good examples of what I’m talking about, my dears Raquel and Annie.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Note to self

San Diego - December 2010
Do not freak out
Do not break down
Take a breath
Take a moment to yourself
Learn to let it go
Learn to walk away
Perfection is unreachable,
Face it!
It’s a vicious circle
The more you let it get to you
The worse job you’ll do
There’s no point
The stress won’t take you anywhere
Just hang on
Hold on just a little bit more
It’s almost over
You’re almost done
Just hold it together a tiny bit longer
It’s not worth it
I promise you’ll see it too
When it’s all over
You’ll look back and understand
There are much more important things to worry about
You got to get used to it
You have to face it
You will fail
You will fall down
You will screw things up
Everybody does
It is not a big deal
It happens
It’s life!
So toughen up
Learn to fall
Don’t let that humiliation feeling take over
Don’t let the tiny things push you down
You feel embarace
But chances are
No-one else is even watching
So take it slow
Just relax
And let yourself go

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Spirit

As you probably can tell by now, I’m mostly a rational person. I have a hard time taking things as they came without questioning them or trying to deconstruct them. I find it hard to understand what has not logical or explanation. I always need a reason for things. That’s just how I am. Regarding Christmas however I have different opinion… I like this time of the year. I’m not a religious person or someone who particular cares about its history but I like how people’s moods change during this time of the year. It’s illogical it has absolutely no explanation and still I like it!
I enjoy walking around on the streets or going inside the stores and always having that Christmassy music playing. I like how everything seems a little bit cozier, how everyone seems warmer and relax. I love that you tend to remember the special people in your life and how we usually try to present them with something nice.
This shouldn’t happen only once a year. We should appreciate the ones we care throughout the year. We should be able to transport this feeling to our everyday life. But we don’t. Most of us will never be able to fully do it. It might sound cynical or shallow to do it only this time of the year, but I believe that most of the times it is felt. People just lose their way, they get suck into the everyday rush. They keep postponing that phone call, that gift, that special word that they wanted to give to someone. So I think that it’s important that we have, at least once a year, a season to remind us about what really matters.  That’s what Christmas is to me… it’s that time of the year that you take a moment to look back and to make people feel special. 
A. & C. - 2001
To me it doesn’t really matter what your religion is or what exactly you’re celebrating. To me it’s all about the spirit. For me Christmas is about family. Not just your blood relatives but those you love. It’s about tradition, it’s about memories. I’m not going to lie… to me Christmas is about the presents too. Those little Arts & Crafts the little ones made for you, that postcard that you unexpectedly receive on your mail box, that special treat that someone gives to you. Yes, it’s about that too, because the idea behind it all is to show that you care, those are attempts to make someone feel happier. And I stand by that principle. So even if it’s just once a year… who cares? It’s better than not have it at all. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Parenthood is a job for life.
Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)
It’s not something you can go into light weighted, thinking “If I feel different later… it doesn’t matter”. When you become a parent you have to be aware that that’s a decision that doesn’t affect only you. You have to be sure whether or not you are willing and ready to jump in on that train.
You have your dreams as a parent. You hope for all the joy, wish to share those special moments, and those are the factors that usually tend to make you want to go further with the idea. But parenthood is not just about that, oh no, there’s so much more… There’s the pain and the fear, the doubts… so many doubts. How to be sure you’re taking the right choices, making the right calls? How to be certain what’s best for someone when you’re still trying to figure out what’s best for yourself?
Becoming a parent is (should be) a conscious decision. Not everybody is cut to be a parent and that’s allright. People should not be ashamed to admit that. It’s hard work… It’s hard work like no other relationship was or will ever be. And the reason for that? You already start in disadvantage, because no matter what they do or say, or how tired you are... it doesn’t matter how many times you’ll promise to yourself, you won’t be able to let it go. How could you? How could you ever give up on your baby?
But it’s tough… oh it’s so tough. Sometimes it gets to a point that you’re completely lost. Eventually you’ll run out of ideas and all the others that said that would help you will at some point lose their patience and walk away, but you’ll be stuck with it.
I don’t want to be negative, I just think it’s important that we realize what we’re getting into and that it doesn’t always go the way we’ve planned.
You’re never quite ready for it. No matter how many books you’ve read, how many people you talk to, how many kids you already raised… there will always be that moment when you have no clue what to do. And that’s scary… it’s scary to know that you may get to a point where you have no idea how to guide the person you love the most.
There are no absolute answers, no right or wrong, there are a lot of grey areas and it’s difficult to juggle all that, plus the fact that you have a truly unconditional love for that person. And whatever happens, even if on the back of your mind you know that you’ve done all you could, you’ll always feel responsible and you’ll always wonder “What did I do wrong?”.
Most likely is that you’ll never figure it out… all you can do is wish for the best, do the best you can and hope you’ll get lucky.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

So how is it going to be?

Boy, please let’s fix this
I do want to you around
Let’s bring back the bliss
‘Cause I can’t stand this sound

I get caught in the middle
Of your incessant fights
I know you feel little at times
The truth is that you are fright

I don’t like this either
I don’t want to see you go
But I need to catch a breather
Cause like this we can’t go on

Can you even stop the lying?
I don’t know anymore
I can’t stand this yelling
But how can I ignore?

I had to stop, to even
Dare to hope you’d change
Wishing things were different
Will only make us strange

I hope we’ll get to that day
When I won’t have to doubt
Don’t wanna question all you say
Can’t you hallow your vow?

No matter how you try
Thought I hate to admit
I won’t say goodbye
No, I’m not ready to quit

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Double standards

There’s both an English and a Portuguese version of this post. For the English version please scroll down.

Algumas pessoas são boas a lidar com os outros o problema é que vacilam quando têm de lidar consigo mesmas. Por alguma razão inexplicável algumas pessoas desenvolvem estes ideais inalcansáveis e guiam-se por um padrão muito mais elevado do que alguma vez exigiriam àqueles que as rodeiam. São pessoas que não procuram a perfeição nos seus amigos ou amantes, que entendem que os seres humanos têm falhas e que no decorrer conturbado da vida é impossivel não tropeçar, não cometer erros. São elas que tentam procurar uma explicação, uma justificação para desculpar aquela acção mais duvidosa ou egoista. Essas pessoas sabem que uma relação não se resume a um momento, um instante em que foram ditas coisas sem pensar e onde se agiu de cabeça quente e com o coração na boca. Percebem que os nervos, as inseguranças, a raiva e até por vezes o simples facto de alguém estar tão confortável connosco faz com que descarregue em nós todas as suas frustrações pois sabe que nunca vamos deixar de estar a seu lado.
Estas pessoas, aparentemente compreensivas e flexiveis têm contudo uma visão totalmente diferente, talvez distorcida até, quando são elas o alvo da questão.  Apesar de não serem elitistas nem se considerarem melhores que ninguém (antes pelo contrário) estas pessoas estabelecem critérios muito mais rigidos para si mesmas não se permitindo a erros nem pequenos vacilos. São pessoas tão obcecadas com a perfeição e tão atemorizadas com a ideia de cometer um erro, de falhar ou magoar alguém que põe uma pressão tão grande em si mesmas que quase as sufoca. Pessoas que se limitam, pelo receio de abdicar do controlo, que se focam nas suas pontuais falhas mais do que nos inúmeros sucessos. Pessoas que por mais que racionalmente percebam a ridicularidade deste fosso imenso, desta dualidade de critérios, continuarão sempre a julgar as suas acções de  forma implacável e impiedosa. 

Obrigada M. pela dica.

English Version

Some are great dealing with people… is just dealing with themselves that they find hard to.
For some crazy reason some people develop an unrealistic perception of what they must be and they guide themselves by these unreachable standards that they would never dare to demand from anyone else. These are people that do not look for perfection on their friends and lovers. People who understand that human beings have flaws, that it’s impossible that people don’t stumble at some point in this troubled life, that people are bound to make mistakes. They are the ones who always try to find and explanation that justifies that dubious or selfish action. They don’t hold grudges. They know that a relationship is much more than that instant when things that were not meant start to pour out of someone’s mouth. They understand that nerves, insecurities, rage and sometimes even just the fact of someone being so close, so comfortable with us, it’s enough to make them transfer to us all their frustrations because they know will always be by them side.
These apparently comprehensive and flexible people reveal however, a totally different, distorted even, perception when they are the ones in question. Even though they are not elitist or believe that they are somehow superior these people set much more rigid criteria for themselves allowing themselves not even the smaller mistake or quiver. They are so obsessed by perfection and so terrified of making a mistake or hurting someone that the pressure they put themselves under becomes smothery.  
They can’t help but focus in where they fail, no matter how many times they have been great. Even if rationally they understand how senseless this all is, these people will never be able to give themselves a break or cut themselves some slack. They will be the ones banging their heads on the wall after everyone has forgotten what happen.

Thanks M. for the tip.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Special people

You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart and now whatever way our stories end I know you have re-written mine by being my friend...*

Some people are just special. They captivate others. They are genuine and pure and nice and spontaneous… and no, they are not perfect, they have flaws, they make mistakes but there’s something about them. Something you’re not quite able to put your finger on or explain. But it doesn’t matter anyway. Some people just have the gift of being incredible likeable. They don’t try to please everyone, but it just naturally happens. They don’t have to try to be funny or stand out because it will inevitably happen. Some people come into your live unannounced and when you notice them it’s too late… they already stole your heart. These people have no clue how great they are and how much their friendship brings to our life. Some people are so unbelievable irresistible that they can get even the most skeptical person to stand by them no matter what. It’s like if they could never do wrong enough to make you want to push them away. Sometimes there’s just that click and you know…. You know that no matter what life brings or what may happen between the two of you, or even if for some reason you grow apart, because of all that you have lived together, that person will always have a special place in your heart.

Happy Birthday sweetie J

*For Good – Wicked The Musical

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Move On

Don’t make me justify your every move, don’t want to have to question everything you do.  Don’t play the victim ‘cause the blame is on you, I just need time to deal with what you’ve put me through*

Is it wrong that I want you to leave? Is it wrong that I want to preserve the old image of you? I don’t want us to be apart but what I want even less is to ruin the memory I have of you so I rather let you go. I rather let you go now before I start hating you. I still see you but I can’t reach you, you still have me but you can’t hear me. So go, get your fresh start. Go and find something that’s worth this change. But give it a chance. Truly try to make it work.
We tried to do it your way. We’ve tried and tried and you keep falling over and over again so what do you have to lose? What do we have to lose when all the communication is gone and all we have now is yelling?
We’re together but we’re not close anymore, and it hurts… it hurts so much not being able to get to you, to save you. Save you from yourself. What else do you need to get it? How many times do you need to crash before you understand that the path you’re choosing is not taking you anywhere?
So is it wrong to wish that you are gone? Is it selfish to want to be able to go home without having to think twice, without having to hope that you are not there so we can avoid one more fight? Is it wrong that I don’t want to watch you waste your life?
Because I care, I care more than I want to, but it’s killing us… killing us slowly and softly. I care because I love you. I still love you even though I hate you. I hate you because you make me want to push myself away when all I ever wanted was take care of you. I hate that you don’t see what you have here and that we could have faced it if we’d stick together. I hate that I can’t trust you, that I have to question everything you say and do.
And out of all you’ve done that’s what I hate the most…. I hate that you make me hate you!

* By Cheryl Cole – Didn’t I

Good memories: a blessing or a curse?

It’s not the bad memories that make you hurt, but the good ones that you know you won’t get back.

No one enjoys a bad moment. Fights, breakups, misunderstandings, sickness, whatever it is, it arrives out of nowhere, takes you by surprise and devastates you. You’ll feel broken, scare to death and lose all hope. If it’s really serious (or if you’re a drama queen) it may seem the end of the world, like nothing else will be worth it, that you won’t be able to recover from it. But most times, after a while, when you are finally able to put things under perspective you see that once again you’ve surprised yourself and you made it through those rough times.
The day will come when you look back and it won’t be a big deal anymore, it won’t hurt or scare you like it did before because you grew up, moved on and found your way to overcome those obstacles.
Bad moments will come and go. The memory of them may remain but the pain will eventually start to fade and when you notice it you won’t feel it anymore.
Good memories on the other hand have the potential to haunt you your whole life. Good moments can be amazing. They can be the best thing in the world or the worse possible form of torture. When things go wrong in your life you hope for it to get better, but when you lose something that was perfect it’s difficult to believe you’ll find something else to meet those standards again.
Good memories can be fatal because they remind you what you’ve lost. You can try to ignore them and move on but, even if unconscientiously, you’ll always be comparing everything you live and experience to what you have lost.
You’ll wish to get to that place where you’ll genuinely be happy to have lived those moments but all you want is get them back.
Good memories have their place in life and eventually you’ll learn to cope with them but every once in a while you go back to those thoughts… and it will hurt knowing that you won’t get them back.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Own your opinion

You have to stand up for your beliefs, stand up for your decisions, go with your gut and don’t let other people’s opinions force you to do something you don’t truly want.
It’s not always easy. People will disagree with you, will blame you for the results, try to push you down. So you have to be strong, be very sure of who you are and what your values are. You have to be certain of what made you take that road and understand that even if the outcome is not as you expected is still better that you follow your heart.
There will be opinions on everything, absolutely everything! From what you wear to what you think, from what you say to what you do and no matter how much you try, you’ll never be able to please everyone. So you better just go ahead and be true to yourself, at least if it doesn’t go as you planned you know you’ve tried, you’ve gave it your best and you’ve done it your way. It’s always easier to speak after the events have happened, when you have all the time and are aware of the consequences. It’s always easier to make a choice when you’re not emotionally involved.
So take relevant people’s opinions on board but don’t take criticism too serious. Don’t take yourself too serious. You’re bound to make mistakes. It’s life. So think it through the best you can with the information and the time you have on hands. Follow your instinct and just go with it. No second thoughts. Just do your best and let it go. 

Friday, December 09, 2011


“Life is more painless for the brainless. Why think too hard?”*

Questions, questions, questions. Insatiable doubts. About people, about life and feelings, emotions and thoughts. Doubts about how to act and when to react. When to fight and learn to let go.
Questions, so many of them, running like crazy through my mind. What will the future hold? Who will I meet? Who will I become?
Constant craving for answers wondering if we’ll ever truly know what’s wrong or right, what’s good or evil.
How? Why? When? What?
Questions about this and that, about everything and nothing. Questioning what makes sense and what doesn’t. What’s worth it and what’s not. Wondering if you’ll ever get your answers, wishing you could be like those who seem not to care.

*Dancing Through Life – Wicked The Musical

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cranky mode on

I can’t do things without thinking and it’s killing me.
Just wish I could switch off my brain sometimes. Be able to filter what is worth and what is not.
I hate changes, I hate to fail and make mistakes, and I can’t get better if I don’t know what’s expected of me. I’m no machine, they can’t expect me to blindly follow non-sense rules.
Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, take it as it comes, no questions asked. It’s pointless, I know it’s pointless but it stresses me out because I need to understand the reason of things. I know I have to snap out of it, that I gain nothing in stressing about these sort of things, but I can’t help it. And that’s even more annoying… because I know I should know better than to let these things get to me  and yet here I am… tonight I’m cranky and I know it.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

É tão fácil

É tão fácil falar… É tão fácil estar de fora a criticar. Tão mais simples ter uma opinião quando não estamos envolvidos, quando desconhecemos os factos e estamos despegados das emoções. É tão simples pôr as culpas nos outros e desvencilharmo-nos das responsabilidades... Apontar o dedo, fazer acusações, procurar bodes espiatórios e adulterar a realidade. Todos temos sempre uma palavra a dizer sobre tudo. Uma opinião, um comentário inofensivo, um conselho.
A introspeção é um trabalho árduo, desgastante e muitas vezes desvalorizado. Ninguém gosta de errar, por mais que nos tentemos convencer do contrário isso é uma ilusão. Todos temos o nosso orgulho e é muito dificil admitir que errámos. Tentamos encontrar desculpas, justificações que racionalizem e expliquem as nossas falhas porque custa ter de admitir que falhámos. Custa fazê-lo perante um público mas por vezes o mais dificil é mesmo o primeiro passo... Admiti-lo a nós mesmos.
É muito fácil ter opiniões, criticar e garantir que faríamos melhor, principalmente quando sabemos que a hipótese de sermos postos à prova é remota.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Worst thing about travelling

Best thing about travelling? You have the opportunity to see places, find different cultures, meet new people.
Worst thing about travelling? You will meet people… People you will later miss when the time comes and you have to go back home!
Despite not being exactly a people person I’ve had the luck of meeting and grow closer to some amazing people while travelling. Accidental meetings in an airport after missing a flight, a training course after a terrible 10 hours trip on a train, the months in anticipation to finally find a perfect match for an interchange, the friends that become your family away from home.
You meet the most marvelous people in the most random situations. Who would have ever thought?
It just makes you wish the world was a bit smaller sometimes….
It’s been a year since I came back and though I’m loving being around everybody I missed while I was abroad I’ve to confess I also miss strolling around NYC with the lovelies Steph and Vickie, spending the days goofing around with my babies Ellie and Steve, going home to NJ and get that warm, cozy family feeling.
I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunity not only yo meet these people but to stay in touch with them… and those are the things you’ll remember no matter what. So even if it sucks to be away… Please travel, don’t waste your chance to meet incredible people too. It’s worth it!

Sunday, December 04, 2011


Hug me. Don’t say a word.
Stay with me. Don’t ask me anything. I don’t wanna talk about it, no, I don’t even wanna think about it… About anything. I don’t wanna think at all.
Just hold me. Promise me everything is going to be all right. Lie to me if you have to, just make me believe, tonight I don’t care.
Pick me up. Please don’t say I have to shake it off and get over it. Not today, I’m not ready yet.
Just sit with me in this cold floor. Let me crash, wallow. I don’t wanna pretend I’m okay anymore. Please don’t ask me to be strong.
Don’t let go of my hand, of me. I’ll regret it in the morning. Won’t be able to look at you in the eyes, but still I’m begging you…
Don’t try to fix it. Fix me. I just need to feel that I have someone here. I’m not asking you the impossible, I’m not expecting you to make things right… I just want to feel that I’m not crazy, that someone else gets it too.
I thank you for all those times you came to me in tears. For sharing your pain with me and allow me to feel I had a purpose, but just for tonight can we switch roles? Just for this one day. I promise tomorrow I’ll get back to my strong persona, whom nothing can affect. But for now let me fall into your lap.
I’ll never tell you how much I need you. I’ll lie if you ask. But I wish you could see behind the smile… I really wish I hadn’t become so good at hiding what’s inside.
I know you want to help me, just don’t know how to get to me. I don’t know either… see, you get used to go it alone, on your own, and as alluring as it may be to try something else you’re stuck with what you know, because it’s safer.
I know I’ve pushed you away before but tonight I won’t fight. I’m too tired to resist, too exhausted to keep doing it.
Tonight I just want to be held, feel that someone cares…

Saturday, December 03, 2011

No filter, no sense, just writing…

I have thoughts so many of them. Feelings, doubts, emotions, held inside, buried deep, never allowed to be expelled. I have stories to tell, characters of this crazy little world of mine. Mildly obsessions, escapes, guilty pleasures that keep me sane.
I have this urge to find logic, a reason, something that can explain why things happen when they do, the way they do. I get caught up in the middle of other people’s problems, break ups, lives and in twisted selfish way I’m glad to be bored by them.
Expectations, high hopes, disappointment. The way you see yourself versus how everyone else perceives you are. Fear, insecurities, masks. Protecting myself from the unknown.
The constant craving of wanting what I never met, of wishing something I’m not even sure is real. Growing up, changing, understanding that there’s no point of moping your whole life.
Ideas, doubts, mess. There’s too much inside your head, too much to even make sense. Thoughts keep coming in, all the time, in a rush, how to get them? To process them? How to stop them?!
Compartmentalizing. When and how? Over filtering, over rationalization, overwhelmed with all that goes inside yourself. Wishing for a savior knowing you would never be able to trust enough let yourself go. Planning too far in advance, not being able to thoroughly enjoy the moment when your head is always 20 steps ahead.  Butterflies in your stomach. Overactive thinking. Trying to force your brain to take a break and just shut off for a second.
Thinking and dreaming, always dreaming…

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Don’t call me perfect

I wish I could be that person,
Glamour February 2010
That illuminates your darkest night
I really hope it was all true,
That I truly had it in me
All that you insist to see
But why can’t you see babe
The greater you’ll think of me
The bigger fall we’re gonna have
And I just don’t want to disappoint you
So please listen when I tell you

Don’t call me perfect
Don’t think I’m better than I really am
Don’t call me perfect
Don’t raise your expectations
I will let you down

I wish you were right
And I was all that
But babe trust me when I say
The day will come when you’ll see
I’m not half the girl you thought I’d be

And when you say to me, darling
There’s nothing in me you don’t adore
No matter how I try I can’t ignore
That it won’t work if you won’t admit
And I don’t want you to ever quit
But I’m not all that you think I am, so

Don’t call me perfect
Don’t think I’m better than I really am
Don’t call me perfect
Don’t raise your expectations
I will let you down

I know you have good intentions
And I confess I love the trust
And all the passion that you show
But in the end it’s too much pressure
And I don’t feel that I can’t take it

So please I beg you

Don’t call me perfect
Don’t think I’m better than I really am
Don’t call me perfect
Don’t raise your expectations
I will let you down