Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day in and day out, we go through life so oblivious to what’s around us. We fight our battles, we get frustrated with our flaws, we fear the uncomfortable and sometimes we struggle just to get out of bed and put on foot in front of the other.  But we do it, some days may feel unbearable, but we learn to appreciate the small victories and the reality is that we keep moving forward. It’s not always pretty, but day after day, despite everything that is thrown at us, we find a way to survive.
That doesn’t come naturally though, and sometimes in the effort it takes to stay afloat we lose sense of the ones around us. We spend so much time hiding behind our masks, trying to find a balance for our own (in)sanity, that we often don’t realize everyone else is dealing with a similar struggle. We don’t always have enough time to spend with those we care about, but even when we do, how much of us are we really giving? 
It’s not necessarily selfishness, it’s being temporarily selfcentered, which in the right amounts is needed… but what happens then?
What happens to those around us when we take that needed time off?