Sunday, July 27, 2014

Auntie's day

Not a mother, a sister or a friend.
But a mix of all the above.
Someone that doesn’t have to be there,
But makes you feel better if she is.
A story teller that fascinates you,
Grabbing your attention with every tale.
A person that doesn’t take herself too serious
Nor is afraid to make fun of herself.
The one that curses with the car that doesn’t work
But doesn’t get upset when you burst in laughter.
Someone that remembers you as a child,
But is able to see you as the woman you are now.
A care giver, that squeezes you tight
And makes you miss her hugs when you’re not even the hugging type.
Someone who always has an open door,
Not just for you, but your friends too.
A person that shares advice, but also her frustrations,
That has strong opinions, but doesn’t judge you.
A comfortable home away from home,
When you’re usually awkward around those who aren’t always there.
A reminder that age means nothing,
That friendship doesn’t look at numbers.
A friend, an aunt, that means so much more than others never could,
One more proof that family has nothing to do with blood, but with love. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

You learn

You learn to avoid the busy crowds
You learn to push away the dark clouds
You learn how to silence your thoughts
Though it takes swallowing some knots

You learn to stop, breathe deep and smile
You learn to deal with the constant trial
You learn somehow to like the dark
Even if you still dream to find that spark

You learn to face the sleepless nights
You learn to make it all feel right
You learn how to amuse yourself
Even if it’s not enough for anyone else

You learn to cope with the mood swings
You learn to embrace the fear that clings
You learn how to survive the pain
As fighting it seems to be in vain 

Monday, July 07, 2014

Right here

The children’s voices echo through the halls and reach the quietness of the room. It’s not distracting or annoying, simply satisfying. The challenges and long hours almost forgotten as the laughs fill in the air.
There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes from facing what’s new instead of shying away in the shadows. For being brave, despite the fear.
A realization that there’s much to learn and improve, but already so much to be proud of.

A confirmation that the right choices have been made, and whatever experiences happened in the past, led to right here, this very moment.