Thursday, September 29, 2011


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I don’t know what I’m writing
But I’ve got to let it flow
I can’t help but thinking
This is the only way to go

You've promised me the world
And I took your word for it
Then I saw you with that girl
And it just left me heartbroken

You look me in the eyes,
Tell me how much you love me
Then you go and fool around
When are you stopping with the lies?

Why did you fight for me?
Why did you make me believe?
If all you ever wanted
Was somebody to play with?

It hurts to be lied to
It’s humiliating to be cheated
But what really hurts the most
It’s when you have to stop believing

You had me by your side
And you just messed it up
So don’t you dare to come back
‘Cause I still have my pride

I loved you all along
I would have made you happy
So I hope you really think
That she was that much better

I wish you all the best
Even though you acted wrong
In the end it was just a test
And I’ll end it up that much strong

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Young homie (…) looking at life, like how did i get it wrong, life's too short gotta live it long"*

Once in a while your life gets crossed with a story that just touches you deep inside your heart. Not because it’s unique but because it represents what so many others had gone through and gives you a glimpse of hope.
Good people fall in the wrong path every day, some reject the people who want to support them others don’t have support at all. We see them every day on the streets, lost in the nights, we look at them, we may even take a second or two to pity them, but the next moment something more interesting comes along and we’ll forget them.
Can we make a change? Can we play that life changing part in someone’s life?
Do they have a choice? Is it all part of an evil and utterly twisted bigger plan?
How to understand it? How to fight for this people? How to help them without letting them taking advantage of you? What’s the right thing to do in these situations?
Is it ever fair to give up on someone? Though we all love these happy ending stories truth is that they only represent a small part of the reality. So what are we to do?
This is not just about one life. It consumes everyone that’s around you and that cares about you. People that will always have their lives limited because of you. People that will live in fear of getting that phone call…
I believe a fight like this is never over. There will always be temptations. There will always be something to push you down. And you’ll have to dig deep and fight hard so you won’t drown.
Some people get that one opportunity that can make the difference and change their whole lives. But it’s not enough to get it, you’ll have to take it!

* Title by Chris Rene – Young Homie
Note: Chris Rene is one of the contestants of the new X Factor USA. Check him out if you get a chance. Hope he’ll follow the pact and keep it strong.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It’s all in your hands. You have the power to change things. It’s not always easy, it’s not always fair but you can make a difference. It’s not about the life you were given it’s about what you chose to do with it.
Face it. Be strong. Try harder. Try to be happy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Como explicar-te?

Because there are things you like, things you love and things that you simply cannot live without.

Como explicar-te o que é amor se nunca vestiste a camisola da tua equipa?
Como explicar-te o que é prazer se nunca ganhaste um ‘clássico’?
Como explicar-te o que é a dor se nunca perdeste um jogo no último segundo?
Como explicar-te o que é carinho se nunca sentiste a bola com a ponta dos dedos?
Como explicar-te o que é solidariedade se nunca deste uma ajuda numa defesa individual?
Como explicar-te o que é poesia se nunca deixaste os teus adversários desorientados com um ‘crossover’?
Como explicar-te o que é amizade se nunca fizeste uma assistência?
Como explicar-te o que é pânico se nunca perdeste um jogo depois de estar a ganhar por 20 pontos?
Como explicar-te o que é morrer um bocado se nunca perdeste uma final?
Como explicar-te o que é esforço se nunca deste o máximo para recuperar uma bola?
Como explicar-te o que é egoísmo se nunca lançaste quando devias ter passado a um colega melhor posicionado?
Como explicar-te o que é arte se nunca inventaste uma assistência espectacular?
Como explicar-te o que é música se nunca cantaste para incentivar os teus companheiros?
Como explicar-te o que é o ódio se nunca perdeste a bola que resolveu o jogo?
Como explicar-te o que é a vida se nunca jogaste basket?”

(Autor Desconhecido)

Some things cannot be explained. Either you feel it or you don’t. So much of what I am today is because of my experience as a Basketball Player. I’m grateful that I’ve been giving the opportunity to live it all and still be part of this world. Wish everybody could share this kind of love for something.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That's what it is all about

It’s not about the power or the money or your possessions.
It’s not about being skinny and gorgeous and a fashion icon.
It’s not about your muscles, your hair and your ego.
It’s about what you do with all of that.

It’s not all about taking sides
It’s not all about being on top
It’s not all about winning
It’s all about life

It’s not what they do for you it’s about what you do for everyone else
It’s not what they give you it’s what you can learn from them
It’s not about what you disagree it’s about what unites you
It’s not about how different you are it’s about being equal

It’s not about agreeing with every choice they make it’s about support
It’s not about pleasing everybody it’s about knowing what you want
It’s not about being popular it’s about being loved
It’s not about being the center of attention it’s about being you

It’s not a matter of who’s the best
It’s not a matter of getting revenge
It’s not a matter of being perfect
It is just about owning your own self

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

“I've learned so much from my mistakes… I'm thinking of making some more” *

And why the hell not?
Mistakes are overrated. We take them too serious. We try so hard to get everything perfect all the time that we underestimate what we can learn from them.
I’m not saying you should not think before you act or deliberately misbehave. Those don’t count. But since mistaking is inevitable why shouldn’t we get the most out of it?
Life’s too short and if we spend the whole time moaning about where we messed up we are messing up again because we’ll be losing something better.
Most mistakes will lose significance with time and you’ll end up remembering them someday I wonder why you were so troubled by them before.
No-one can guarantee you what’s the right road to choose. So listen to your heart. Go with your guts. Take advice in consideration but filter what really matters. You and only you are responsible for your actions and your choices.
So think about it, make your calls and if it doesn’t work, just let it go. Complaining will take you nowhere.

* Title by Cheryl Cole

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Can I?

I’m freezing up I’m scare to death 
It’s not worth the pain but I can’ help that
It’s so uncanny, so irrational
This fear I have of a greater fall

Can’t tame myself, what am I to do?
It takes over me so rapidly
I know I’ll regret if I let it win
But I can’t prevent, I’m caving in

Can I be feisty?
Can I be perky?
Show me how I can became
All that I never was

How to get that strength
When feeling so insecure
Wanna just hide in my bedroom
Where I am safe and sound

Why does it always
Has to come to this?
Why does it everything
As to come to the same end?

Can I be feisty?
Can I be perky?
Show me how I can became
All that I never was

People keep saying
Believe in yourself
But they don’t get
How hard it is for people like us

Would like just for one time
To know how it feels
To forget all the doubts
And fears and just enjoy it

But tell babe how I can reach it, tell me babe how I can have it…

Can I be feisty?
Can I be perky?
Show me how I can became
All I never was

Monday, September 05, 2011


I’m tumbling and falling
Just trying to hang on
I’m frightened and scared
And want someone to hold me

I try to fight back
But it still tries to allure me
I want to let it go
I don’t think I can endure this

Tumbling and running and falling to pieces
Stumbling in thoughts I don’t want to hear

Sometimes I get caught up in my head
I just get lost in these thoughts
Wish I could scream and run instead
But I’m stuck inside my own mind

I stumble through this world
Walking between people
Watching them living their lives  
Wondering when it would be my turn

I’m working my butt off
I don’t want to drown
Keeping my head up high
And just try to survive

Tumbling and running and falling to pieces
Stumbling in thoughts I don’t want to hear

But I get caught up in my head
I just get lost in these thoughts
Wish I could scream and run instead
But I’m stuck inside my own mind

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Will it ever be enough?

How much is enough? When do we know that we’ve asked enough, that we had our share?
Life should come with an user guide… where all the important details were just a few pages away. Or they (whoever they are) should’ve created a support line:
“Good Morning, you’re calling Life’s Technical Support. How may I assist you today?”
Where we could find specially trained people to give us accurate answers to our life’s dilemmas.  That would make it so much easier, wouldn’t it?
Sure, you can say that that would not be fun, that the point of it all is to take a risk, take a chance on people… but I don’t know…
Sometimes it just feels that we should know if it’s worth the fight, the pain, the hard work. And if we knew that we already had our share of love, joy, friendship, then we didn’t had to waste time with people that will only make us hurt.