Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That's what it is all about

It’s not about the power or the money or your possessions.
It’s not about being skinny and gorgeous and a fashion icon.
It’s not about your muscles, your hair and your ego.
It’s about what you do with all of that.

It’s not all about taking sides
It’s not all about being on top
It’s not all about winning
It’s all about life

It’s not what they do for you it’s about what you do for everyone else
It’s not what they give you it’s what you can learn from them
It’s not about what you disagree it’s about what unites you
It’s not about how different you are it’s about being equal

It’s not about agreeing with every choice they make it’s about support
It’s not about pleasing everybody it’s about knowing what you want
It’s not about being popular it’s about being loved
It’s not about being the center of attention it’s about being you

It’s not a matter of who’s the best
It’s not a matter of getting revenge
It’s not a matter of being perfect
It is just about owning your own self

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