Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I've been thinking about bringing this blog back to life... Give my writing another chance. Who knows what can happen. I want to write, I (think I) want people to read my stuff… After all sometimes other people words can describe so well what we’re feeling. And so many times I relied in someone else quotes to express myself. But it’s so personal… I wonder how writers and song writers do? As an audience we tend to dissect each sentence, each word, it’s amazing how some songs could make the perfect soundtrack of our lives. Inadvertently we feel a connection with that someone, and if the same artist has the ability to make that connection more than once we almost fell like we know them. Like they share our pain, happiness, insecurity, whatever we are feeling at that moment. And it’s absurd. How can you relate to someone you never met? I never understood how people can be a fan of someone they don’t know… I understand you can be a fan of their work. And that it touches you so much that you feel you really know the person, but you don’t… In a way I think that’s exactly where the magic is… You see what you like, you choose what you want to hear but you don’t have to deal with the person as a whole.
Sometimes I wonder how much of it I truly felt… Maybe they’re just lyrics made to connect with what the general public is going to or will relate. And if they really mean every word, how on earth can they deal with the fact they’re so exposed to everyone? That was one of the reasons I stopped posting my writing… because I was having a hard time dealing with the comments, it’s just too personal. But again, in a way I do want to share my thoughts… maybe someone will relate to them. Maybe it will help them not to feel alone, just like it helps me everytime I find a song, or a quote that expresses what I feel.