Thursday, September 01, 2011

Will it ever be enough?

How much is enough? When do we know that we’ve asked enough, that we had our share?
Life should come with an user guide… where all the important details were just a few pages away. Or they (whoever they are) should’ve created a support line:
“Good Morning, you’re calling Life’s Technical Support. How may I assist you today?”
Where we could find specially trained people to give us accurate answers to our life’s dilemmas.  That would make it so much easier, wouldn’t it?
Sure, you can say that that would not be fun, that the point of it all is to take a risk, take a chance on people… but I don’t know…
Sometimes it just feels that we should know if it’s worth the fight, the pain, the hard work. And if we knew that we already had our share of love, joy, friendship, then we didn’t had to waste time with people that will only make us hurt.

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