Friday, September 23, 2011

"Young homie (…) looking at life, like how did i get it wrong, life's too short gotta live it long"*

Once in a while your life gets crossed with a story that just touches you deep inside your heart. Not because it’s unique but because it represents what so many others had gone through and gives you a glimpse of hope.
Good people fall in the wrong path every day, some reject the people who want to support them others don’t have support at all. We see them every day on the streets, lost in the nights, we look at them, we may even take a second or two to pity them, but the next moment something more interesting comes along and we’ll forget them.
Can we make a change? Can we play that life changing part in someone’s life?
Do they have a choice? Is it all part of an evil and utterly twisted bigger plan?
How to understand it? How to fight for this people? How to help them without letting them taking advantage of you? What’s the right thing to do in these situations?
Is it ever fair to give up on someone? Though we all love these happy ending stories truth is that they only represent a small part of the reality. So what are we to do?
This is not just about one life. It consumes everyone that’s around you and that cares about you. People that will always have their lives limited because of you. People that will live in fear of getting that phone call…
I believe a fight like this is never over. There will always be temptations. There will always be something to push you down. And you’ll have to dig deep and fight hard so you won’t drown.
Some people get that one opportunity that can make the difference and change their whole lives. But it’s not enough to get it, you’ll have to take it!

* Title by Chris Rene – Young Homie
Note: Chris Rene is one of the contestants of the new X Factor USA. Check him out if you get a chance. Hope he’ll follow the pact and keep it strong.

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