Thursday, September 29, 2011


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I don’t know what I’m writing
But I’ve got to let it flow
I can’t help but thinking
This is the only way to go

You've promised me the world
And I took your word for it
Then I saw you with that girl
And it just left me heartbroken

You look me in the eyes,
Tell me how much you love me
Then you go and fool around
When are you stopping with the lies?

Why did you fight for me?
Why did you make me believe?
If all you ever wanted
Was somebody to play with?

It hurts to be lied to
It’s humiliating to be cheated
But what really hurts the most
It’s when you have to stop believing

You had me by your side
And you just messed it up
So don’t you dare to come back
‘Cause I still have my pride

I loved you all along
I would have made you happy
So I hope you really think
That she was that much better

I wish you all the best
Even though you acted wrong
In the end it was just a test
And I’ll end it up that much strong

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