Thursday, June 09, 2016

Inspired by Hanna Sobczuk [2014]

“Life is an endless ocean of opportunities”
Hanna Sobczuk [2014]

This is part of a series of posts inspired by real life people around me that at some point touched me with their words. For more information on this project click here

We’re nothing more than a drop in the ocean,
But we can be better than a mere portion.
We can be a speck of dust waiting to be blown away,
Or we can be the ray of light at the end of the day.

My life is full of sweet beginnings,
I’ve faced my fears and took the winnings.
Despite the pain I kept my aim,
And nothing now will ever feel the same.

There can’t be only one open door,
To the world around us there must be more.
Maybe I’m selfish, I can’t be content
Don’t want to wonder where I should have went.

In all its glory we go through the motion,
With hearts so full of deep emotions.
With every blow we might get broken,
But we won’t leave any words unspoken.

I have it clear, in my own vision,
All I can get with the right decision.
I have been wrong so many times before,
But this time I know, I feel it in my core.

I know you think I should take caution,
That this can lead to more complications.
But I can’t change the circumstances,
All I have left is to take my chances.

So I’m done playing by the rules,
Because all we are is a bunch of fools.
We have a world so full of options,

If we’re not afraid to take some actions. 

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