Sunday, April 19, 2015

You never want to stop moving, but you wonder if the day will come when you can finally find yourself at home.
Though you don’t think the joy of always being on the road will ever lose its magic, a person eventually needs to find her place in this world.
The mysteries of the human soul that both intrigue and despise you, might never lose its charm, but there are only so many lives you can love and walk away from before it becomes unbearable. And for someone usually so guarded, you sure have lost quite a few pieces of your heart throughout the journey.
Perhaps the urge to never stay too long in one place comes from the inability to bond with others, but then why are they always on your mind?
You carry so much inside that it’s ironic how you can so easily pack up and go when truth is, you have more luggage than an airport.

Each stop means one more package, one more story you’ll pretend not to get attached to. Every goodbye means one more compartment, one more box, closed and put away in the back. All of it there. One after the other, until the weight of it becomes too much, until the day you won’t be able to pretend anymore.

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