Thursday, April 23, 2015

I miss you

I miss you!
I miss your smile,
And how you sough my embrace for comfort.
I miss your crazy ideas,
And the stubbornness in your eyes.
I miss your hugs,
And the complicity only we shared.
I miss the tears,
And how I was the one who could make it all better.
I miss the games,
And the simplicity of everything around us.
I miss your voice,
And even more the sound of your sweet words.
I miss what we became,
And how protective of eachother we were.
I miss the fights,
And the determination behind your every move.
I miss our laughs,
And how we understood eachother without words.
I miss the hard times,
And how despite the frustration we fought them together.
I miss the lazy days,
And how we could entertain eachother for hours.
I miss you singing,
And sharing with you the songs that were meaningless to anyone else.
I miss your clinginess,
And the way you called my name.
I miss us,
And how fiercely we loved eachother.
I miss you…

And I miss not knowing you could miss someone so much!

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