Saturday, April 04, 2015


There’s so much beauty in this world. Beauty everywhere, in everything, if you just look close enough, with the right eyes.
Beauty where the land kisses the sea, beauty in the green fields and sandy roads, beauty in the smiles of the people you come across, beauty in the stories their eyes tell without words.
Despite the misery, the dirt, the garbage, the needs… there’s still beauty.
Beauty in the simple pleasures, the little things you usually take for granted. Beauty in the differences cultures can have.
There’s beauty in the way human beings can find comfort in so little, beauty in the way they share when they have as little as nothing.
There’s so much beauty in this world, often disguised or forgotten by the tragedies that walk right by its side, it’s a fact, but still… so much beauty.

There’s so much beauty in this world that sometimes it’s hard not to be in awe, not to lose yourself observing everything and everyone. Hard to take it all in. Hard to just enjoy every bit of it without thinking of anything else but that moment. 

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