Monday, September 01, 2014

Thank you Minsk Mazowiecki

Hello everyone, if I tagged you, you have a special thanks below, so if you’re too lazy to read it all just go and find your name!

My EVS is finally coming to an end. After a long journey that started almost 5 year ago, it is now time to say goodbye. These past 7 months were simply amazing. I could say that this EVS was everything that I wished for, but I would be lying, because it wasn’t… truth is that it was so much more than I could ever dream of. I’m glad it took me all this time to become an EVS volunteer because I appreciated the opportunity I was being given so much more now.

It is impossible to put down in words everything I’ve done and learned with this project, but I can say without a doubt that this was one of the most complete experiences I’ve had in my life. It wasn’t all pretty colors and rainbows (pun intended), there were a lot of ups and downs, steps back and challenges, but I feel I’ve learned and grew with each of them, and I can honestly say that the balance is without a doubt positive.

I had very concrete goals for my EVS and I respect this project very much, so from the beginning I worked really hard give my best during this 7 months. I know we deserve credit for our work, however, I am humble enough to realize that despite all my effort, I wouldn’t have been able to do such job if I hadn’t had a favorable environment. That’s why it is so important for me to get a chance to properly thank to every single person that in some way helped me complete this program and go home with such a satisfactory feeling.

So, without further due, here it is. A big thank you to:

The EVS short term volunteers – your arrival made us see things from a different perspective, it allowed us to look back and see how far we’ve come.

The Polish volunteers (the young and the very young) – for all the help and availability, for being so excited and eager to help and join all our initiatives.

The library staff – for being so amazingly open and nice to us. Especially to Asia and Ania, for involving us and providing us such a warm environment to work in.

The teachers that invited us to their schools – for opening the doors to their classes. To trust us with their students and giving us the opportunity to run our workshops and activities with full freedom and support.

The schools’ directors – for being so supportive and appreciative of our work.

The mentor’s – mine and the girl’s, some more present than others, but all extremely helpful and available when requested.

The children – big and small, from toddlers to teenagers. For being so welcoming and well behaved. For challenging us, for being so happy to see us, for coming back to all our activities, for being interested and cooperative.

The neighbors in our building – to whom we taught it was nice to greet when meeting in the elevator.

The Tesco lady – that always tried to speak in English (even if she couldn’t), and even learned some words in Spanish to try to impress us.

All the other locals – for being so excited every time we said a word in polish.

Sean – with whom we manage to bounce many ideas and learn new techniques.

Eliza’s parents – for always having everything we needed and for sharing their polish traditions with us. Simply for being lovely.

Przemek – for being our little helper and hanging out with us. For making us laugh with his jokes and teasing Clare.

Mada and Clare – who grew up and developed so much more than they realize. For sharing ideas, dramas, challenges and successes. For sticking around for 7 whole months despite being tired, missing their friends and families or being desperate for a break sometimes. For facing with me the challenge of sharing a house.

Raquel – for being a breath of fresh air and make the summer brighter. For bringing me a little bit of that home feeling to Minsk Mazowiecki. For being dedicated and active, for making me proud to have invited her.

My little sister and my friends that visited – for coming all the way to Poland just to see me. For being curious and getting involved in our crazy ideas, for being open and fun, for being them.

My family and friends that didn’t visited but followed our journey closely – for watching each of our vlogs, comment each picture and love our updates.

And of course to Eliza – to whom I can’t even start to put in words how thankful I am to be part of this project. For seeing the potential in me 5 years ago and stick with the idea long enough to make it happen. For being the best coordinator, but most of all for being a friend.

Thank you to all of you because without your support and trust I wouldn’t have had this amazing experience. I’m really grateful for the time I spent in Minsk Mazowiecki and I can only hope that more people have the chance to experience this amazing and unique opportunity!

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