Friday, January 11, 2013

New challenges

There are always those moments in life where you are confronted with new challenges. Some love the thrill of something new, personally it makes me sick to my stomach. Rationally I know I’m overreacting, rationally I know I have to be forced to do anything out of my confort zone, because I will never do it on my own.

People always seem to believe I’m more than who I am, that I’m better than who I am, than I can do things that scare me to death. To their credit, when confronted with it I usually survive, but why would someone willingly put themselves in that situation?

We don’t have to always succeed (even though failure feels like hell), and we shouldn’t give in to peer pressure. But if you refuse a new opportunity it should be because you’re certain that it doesn’t appeal you, not because you’re too scared to give it a try. 

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