Friday, October 07, 2011

Endings and beginnings

To everything there’s a beginning and an end.
There’s no chance of running from it. That’s life.
To everything there’s an ending.
There’s no point of crying over it.
From everything that happens in your life you get something.
Grab it. Save it. Take it with you.
Don’t hate it because it’s over. Don’t denigrate what it was or the importance it had for you.
Embrace the change. Have the courage and the audacity to admit it was special and that hurts that it’s over.
Be wise. Know that things are never as we think they are.
Don’t get mad with the world. Don’t try to destroy what it was, what you had.
What happened happened and no one can take that away from you.
Learn to take the best of every single thing, the best of everyone that’s a part of your life.
Be oblivious to the rest. Figure if it’s worth the fight, the trouble, the pain.
If it is, then give it all of you. If it’s not just let it go.
Sometimes no matter how much we wish it would work it just doesn’t. Don't let it hold you bad.
You’re bigger than that. Greater than all that.
Keep in mind that sometimes an ending is just the start of a new beginning. You’ll get your happy ending too. 

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