Monday, September 12, 2016


I couldn't foresee such immense privilege
As I entered your life, so full of luggage,
But meeting you, your heart so pure,
Who could resist such strong allure?

You taught I could love this way
And so many days I wish I could stay.
You’re the one thing I will always be proud,
Even when taken over by the creeping dark cloud.

In a lot of ways I'm a rootless wanderer
A hopeless soul that can't stand an anchor,
But deep inside I always had this fear,
The day you'd need me and I wasn't near.

Traveling so much and being away
I can't stop myself from going astray,
But in all those places, I've never felt so far,
As when I'm miles away from where you are

And who would have guessed just hours ago,
With a smile on my face that for sure made me glow,
As I hanged your picture on my bedroom wall,
That my heart would suddenly become so small?

I usually claim it as my refuge,
But today the night just feels too huge.
The increasing silence I learned to love
Just feeds the bad thoughts flying above.

We made our vows despite the distance,
But it does nothing to easy my conscience.
Because life happens, and comes days like this,
It all just sounds like empty promises.

I would truly give it all away
Just for a chance to be there a day.
But all I have left now, is to wait
Hoping my prays help you feel great.

One thing though keeps my spirit high,
One simple fact no one can deny.
If there's one thing I know about children
Is that no-one else is so resilient.

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