Sunday, February 22, 2015

Do you ever feel heavy with the emptiness inside your soul, though you can’t be sure you would survive without it anymore?
Trapped inside yourself, as if drowning has become your safe spot, the only thing you know and can rely on.
Obsessing over the worst possible scenarios and even more unrealistic dreams. Like you only dare to hope for the unattainable.
Do you ever feel so numb that your heart aches, like you feel nothing and yet the weight of your emotions seems to crush you?
Affected by the pain of people you’ve never met, when you can’t connect with those around you.
Preaching what you desperately want to believe is true, but can’t find a way to follow.
Do you ever feel like there’s so much of this world you can take at once, before you need a time-out on your own?
A trip to your private universe, to recharge, and give you strength for another go in a place you’re not sure you want to be.

A moment to crash, a slip of a second to mourn, before the brave façade goes back up and you have to face reality again. 

1 comment :

anneetromp said...

Here you go again, spilling your guts, and once again, connecting!!
lov ya xxx