Saturday, January 24, 2015

Late Nights

You avoid pen and paper like you avoid bed, because that means to think, to be unable to shut it off. Shut it all off!

You’ve mastered the art of hiding behind the distractions during the commotion of the day, but when the night falls, the silent fills the room and you can hear the clock ticking, suddenly there’s no place in the world you can go and not listen to them. 

But the funny thing is, the same things you dread are the ones pulling you in, always, like a magnet. Because when you feel the darkness crawling in, the inertia taking over, those are the only things that can keep you grounded. Help you find your solid ground. No matter how messed up it is. 

Pen and paper and your bed, a love-hate relationship, the places where you can safely dream you wishes, worries and aches away… even if most times you’re wide awake.

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annee said...

I feel it.....need sleep aids ;o) bjs x