Thursday, February 06, 2014

Ever felt?...

Ever felt like the world is too big and too small at the same time? That you want to build something, but can’t dare to imagine yourself stuck at the same place forever?

Ever felt like this couldn’t be just it? That you know that you’re meant for more, but don’t even know where to begin?

Ever felt like no-one gets it? That you can’t even start to make people around you understand what you can’t even explain to yourself?

Ever felt the need to go away? To force yourself into change, even though you hate it, because you know that worse than feel fear is feel nothing?

Ever felt fear and excitement at the same time? The feeling of being overwhelmed and not having enough taking over you?

Ever felt like you’re over your head? That you can’t come up with a suggestion if your life would depend on it, even though ideas keep flooding your head?

Ever felt like you don’t know where you’re going? That you’re lost, but you’re not adrift, because you know (hope) you’ll find your place one day?

Ever felt like you’ve done nothing, when you look back? Even though you’ve grown so much with your experiences?

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