Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Power of Words

Words are a funny concept.
I can smile just by looking at some. I literally have a list of words that for some reason make me feel warm inside, which might sound crazy (and it probably is), but it’s actually a hundred percent true.
Words are great weapons, they can touch hearts and empower people, but like any weapon, when misused they can also be quite destructive.
Words hurt. And I know it’s a cliché, but they can often be more hurtful than physical pain, the damage lasts longer. And the reason for it it’s because a lot of times people don’t even notice what they’re doing or how serious it is.
I’ve always been careful with words…. Probably because I don’t used them often, so I try to at least use them carefully, but it was only recently that I’ve been paying more attention to it.
I started to notice those little episodes from my childhood when someone said something that really got me hard. And even though I’m aware that no-one else remembers it, I still do, because it was hurtful or embarrassing in some way. I know they didn’t mean to and I don’t have any big trauma. I don’t think about it often, but every once in a while those moments pop up in my head, and it’s just made me see how sometimes, without even noticing we can say things that mark people forever.
We’re lucky to be free nowadays. We’re lucky to be able to speak our mind and have our own opinion, but unfortunately we take it for granted and not always use this right carefully. It’s really easy to say something stupid, and it’s going to happen, no matter how careful you are, everyone makes mistakes. However, maybe we should be more aware about the power of words before we start preaching.  The wrong choice of words can damage someone for real, just like the right one can save someone's life, so it’s important that we take time to reflect about what’s coming out of our mouths and decide on which side we want to stand. 

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