Thursday, December 27, 2012

I like to lose myself in other people's life's stories

I like to lose myself in other people's life's stories, whether they are real or just characters. Like most people I like happy endings and fluffy tails, but I found I'm always draw to the ones with the heavier past and lots of baggage. I like to observe successful people, not so much because how great they seem to be doing now, but imagining the struggles they had to face before getting there. I like to understand why someone acts the way they do, the story behind their protective walls, what has made them become who they are.
I'm not a sucker for sadness, but I can't deny I find myself attracted to the darkest side of each character. There's something fascinating about people who no matter what refuse to fall, who seem to get stronger with every challenge and keep on fighting no matter how broken they are inside. It's inspiring to hear other's peoples dramas, not because you feel happier knowing that you're not the only one struggling but because it brings hope to know that they've made it through.
I've been a level head girl most my life and despite the appearance I'm not quite as naive as people may perceive me. It always worried me how fast things can change, how fast my mind can change. I've never like to announce my favorite Shows, or movies, or bands or songs, or artists because I might change my mind, and I know I read too much into things and I was afraid other people do it too. But though I would never confessed it out loud I do get inspired by all of those things. And I know they're just stories someone made up, but they do tell a story that someone might have lived, they do tell a story about how people try to work their way out of troubles and move on with their lives and that's what fascinates me. It's the same with famous writers, or players, or singers, most people get fascinated by the glamour, the money and the fame, but I have always wanted to know the other side of the story. What they had to put up to, to get there? Was it worth it? Do they ever regret?
I like to lose myself in other people's life's stories, because I feel that even though there are things you can only learn by living, maybe others you can learn by someone else's experience.

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