Friday, March 09, 2012


Hi everyone, 

A quick post today just to give you all a little update regarding Operation: Let's Build a House. To the ones who are not familiar with it you can check the video here or read the entire description here.

With your contributions we've manage to out the electricity in the whole place and will start next week the work to put up the windows. I imagine that you are all curious to know exactly what is being done, I am too, so I'll try to get some pictures once the Windows are up so I can share with all of you that are helping us promoting this cause.

To keep up with any updates you can add us on Facebook - Let's Build a House, or even on Twitter - FiKath.

I heard from Julia and the kids today, they are so thankful for what we're doing, and we are thankfull to you because we couldn't have done it alone. 
We have another project set to be released soon that will cross the purposes of this blogs with the goals of this cause and hopefully allow us to reach even better results, so keep posted.
To help you can click the PayPal button on the right side of this screen or donate your contribution to

Bank: Montepio Geral
NIB: 0036 0001 991 00068244 49 (if you are in Portugal)
IBAN: PT50 0036 0001 991 00068244 49 (if you are an international reader)

Besides that, please share this cause with everyone you know.

Thank you loves :)

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anneetromp said...

Parabenslovely girl, Im sure those beautiful smiles of the kids are getting even more beautiful because of your efforts bjs xxx