Friday, February 17, 2012

The voice within

Whatever happen don’t lose your mind. This crazy world will tear you down, some people will make you wonder how humans can be so mean to eachother but no matter what, you have to be able to trust your gut. 

We can’t replace someone we love, people around us are important and we can’t ever substitute their role in our lives, but there will be times they won’t be around. There will be days when you’ll have no-one or you’ll have everybody and it still won’t be enough. That’s why you have to be able to trust yourself. It’s great to have a shoulder to cry on and to feel you’ll have someone to pull you up if you fall but it doesn’t always go like that. Despite whatever was that overthrew you sometimes you just have to pick yourself up with no help. You just have to remember yourself that you’re not alone... because even when there’s nobody else you still have yourself. 

Your mind is so much powerful than you’ll ever see it. It’s all in your head. You can be your biggest friend or your worst enemy. Don’t let those voices push you down. For once try to listen to the good ones. For a change try to believe the wonderful things you’ve heard people say about you. I know you’ve heard it. I know they’re saved there, somewhere, buried under those destructive views of yourself. 

They can’t be all wrong, right? There must be something, it has to be something… “So why can’t I see?” you’ll wonder. You just got to give yourself a chance, cut yourself some slack. If only I could show you how…

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