Thursday, August 25, 2011

“We are not benefiting anyone when we underestimate our own potential and we give less than we really are”*

There’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky. Between being modest and neglecting your assets. It’s hard to find that balance that keeps you working hard and trying even after everyone have turned you down. The world is ruled by people. And they are ruled by opinions. I’m not saying that opinions don’t matter or that we should just ignore every bad criticism we hear. Criticism is important, even when not delivered with the best manners. What you have to do is find a way to turn it into something useful, something good.

You will fall down, you’ll have days that everything seems to go wrong not matter how hard you try. There will be times when you will wonder if they were right… if you are really not good enough. There will be days that you’ll feel like giving up, throw everything out of the window and just run away. But you won’t. Because that’s what tells you apart from everyone else, that’s what will make you special.

Having someone believing in us, in our abilities, is great and with their help we can reach great achievements. But nothing will give you as much strength than believing in yourself. People will come and go. Some will think you’re great, some might think you’re just one more dreamer. You’ll hear often that you’re not strong enough, or tall enough or good enough. They’ll try to convince you that you’ll never make it. But don’t take their word! Maybe they have a point, maybe your odds are not the best, but the world is full of examples of people that were neglected and rejected and that against all odds made it and are now the biggest stars in their areas of expertise.

So keep you head up, learn to filter - what you say and what you hear. No-one is always right or always wrong. Respect your adversary and respect the game. Know that no matter how old and experience you are there’s always something that you can learn and that everybody can teach you something. Stay down to earth, be humble, but don’t let people make a fool out of you. Be smart, think before you act.

When you get to the top don’t stop. Keep pushing yourself year after year. Don’t settle for being great when you can be the best. Remember where you came from. Remember how you used to look up to other people and how the dream seemed so far.
Be brave, dream and fight for it. If it’s really what you want then give all of you and when you finally reach it, just enjoy!

P.S - To my dear Raquel. Hope you'll get it.

Title by Helene Menzel

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raquel said...

oh dear, thanks Fipinha, this spectacular, says it all!
That's what was really needed to hear to start the season well, and this rest assured that this time I have left and not so, I will give my maximum for each day is better, even though at times I go down, I'll always remember these words, and of course to achieve what they most want, but without help from those I trust, and especially yours, will be impossible .. : D
Oh and also I can not go it alone, I'll need an agent: p
Fipinha Thank you so much, finally someone who understands me:)