Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gossip and talk on corners

It seems there’s no more appealing thing than to talk about someone else’s life. It’s a fascinating world. You can create your own rumors, pick your characters, involve whoever comes to your mind and then just see how far it goes.  Or lets be fair, sometimes they’re not rumors, some stories are actually true, but for some reason had been kept secret… until someone finds out that is. I can understand that sometimes you find out about things that are just too exciting or too chocking and that it’s a real challenge to hold them inside.  And we all had those moments that we didn’t meant to tell anyone, but when we get asked straight away we were not able to keep it inside and we let it slip to someone. I get that, nobody’s perfect. But to go around spreading the news with no reason, just because… that I take hard. It’s always so disturbing for me when someone tells me a secret, it may not even be a big deal, but something that they want to keep private, and then I hear someone else, someone that has nothing to do with it just talking about it to everybody. Why? It aggravates me because I know I would feel violated. A lot of times we’re talking about real private stuff, emotions, relationships, feelings… and when someone is felling already pretty miserable and defeated having strangers talking about its humiliating. 
Yes, maybe people are a bit careless too. Lots of times people think they’re being discrete and yet you can obviously see that something is going on but if you’re not close to them, if they, for whatever reason, didn’t want to be open about it yet why can’t people just be shush? It seems to exist this incredible sense of community, of urgency to spread the news. Even when they’re not meant to be spread. I don’t get if it’s unadulterated evilness or if people do it only for the thrill of it. Maybe there’s just nothing really exciting going on in their life and they need to get the rush out someone else’s.
We are humans, we communicate, we can’t avoid it… But can’t we just make an effort to tame ourselves a little bit?

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