Monday, August 22, 2011

“People will let you down. Sooner or later they all will… it’s not like they want to, it’s just their nature”*

Funny how sometimes you find something that you said or wrote years ago and it makes you think… think about what you were feeling in that exact moment, think how much your opinions about it have change (if they changed at all), think if you still agree with those thoughts, simply think how do you feel about those words now.
After doing all of this thinking I came to the conclusion that even when you can’t change your opinion on something you can still try to choose how you want to deal with it and how you want to feel about it.
So maybe it is true… Maybe you will be let down. You can’t control other people actions. And even though you knew from the star that would happen it will still hurt, it will still be humiliating and it will still make you cry.
But you have the power over yourself. You can decide if you just want to be miserable thinking about the past and what could have been or move on. Don’t be mad because it ended or with whatever happened to break you apart. Be glad that you had the chance to live some happy moments , to share something that was special and that no matter what will always be a part of you. Something unique that nobody else has to see or understand.
People will come and go in your life and if you let them they will teach you something. It might not be what you wanted at the time but when the pain starts to fade away I find that if you give it a try, if you focus on the positive you’ll see that it was worth it and that you did get something out of it (something good that is).
Do not regret your relationships. They’ve made you who you are today. Do not punish yourself for loving the “wrong” person, or trusting someone. Don’t lose your faith. Don’t let them take away what’s best in you.
Just be honest to yourself, be real and take the time to grieve, to heal. It will get better and you will remember that person, those moments with joy.

Title by me – November 2007

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