Monday, May 06, 2013

Old Friends

There’s a reason why people grow apart. It’s not always clear after a while. Distance helps to fade the memory and forget how it all happened, but there’s always a reason. It’s easy to miss the old times, to want the never ending conversations back, to have someone who will text you just to say “hello”, to talk about everything and anything.

It’s easy to put aside the little things that used to annoy us, the quirks we didn’t think we could endure anymore, easy to wonder why we ever let that go. It might feel good to get together at some point, share some laughs and find out that despite the time and distance you still know that person better that most their friends. It might be reassuring to know you still care about them and wish them the best and that they still care if you show up. People come and go from our lives every day, and surprisingly enough, some of those who shape you the most don’t stay with you forever.

It’s easy to fall down the memory lane and want it all back, but sooner or later you’ll be reminded that there was a reason…. There was a reason why you grew apart in the first place, and though you’re both different people now, or maybe because of that, things will never be the same.

There’s a time for everything, a time for everyone and sometimes the best we can do is cherish the memories of what once was a great friendship and learn to take the good moments that it’ll give us, now and then, without ever hoping to go back to the past. 

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